Dotfiles are the configuration files used customize the appearance and functionality of a unix system, sometimes reffered to as ricing.

Ricing refers to making visual customizations to a desktop. It comes from the practice of customizing slow cars to appear fast, also known as ricing.

The dotfiles name is derived from the configuration files in unix systems, these usually start with a dot and are hidden to users by default.


System Setup

bar: polybar
browser: chrome
colour scheme: base16-seti
distro: Arch btw i use arch
cli file manager: ranger
gui file manager: thunar
font: Iosevka
launcher: rofi
screen locker: i3lock-fancy
notification daemon: dunst
screenshot tool: nougat
shell: zsh (oh-my-zsh)
system info: neofetch
terminal: rxvt-unicode
text editor: neovim
window manager: i3

Like what you see?

You can get my dotfiles from the GitHub repository, use them to make additions or modifications to your existing configs or replace them completely, whatever tickles your fancy.